Podcasts that every Product Manager must listen

İlayda Yağmur Derviş
2 min readMay 12, 2022

I’m sure everyone has a few podcasts on their Spotify. I’m a big podcast follower and I listen to podcasts about many topics from Paganism to Product Management. And today, I want to share which podcasts I’m following about Product.

First things first.

What’s Podcast?

A podcast is an audio program, but you can subscribe and listen whenever you want. As a series, there are episodes about one topic. I think this short info is enough for this story. Let’s check out the Podcasts!

  1. This is Product Management

They bring product leaders and product teams together every 2 weeks. They’ll share their insights and best practices for experimentation, user research, leadership, corporate innovation, and more.

They’ve episodes such as Problem Management is Product Management, Diversity of Thought is Product Management, Vulnerability is Product Management, etc. I forcefully suggest checking out the link I left above.

2. The Product Experience

This podcast’s publisher is mind the PRODUCT. Lily Smith and Randy Silver (Hosts) are making conversation with product minds all around the world. Their topics will help you to solve real problems, develop awesome products, build successful teams and develop careers.

3. Product Podcast

Well, of course, Product School is publishing a podcast either! And they’re doing great. As The Product Experience, they are hosting people all around the world who are into products. They talk about breaking into the industry and setting career goals, collaborating with diverse teams, and knowing when to pivot.

4. UX Podcast

Of course, a PM should be interested in UX.

UX Podcast is a twice-monthly podcast hosted by James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom. Their episodes are about one of these four things: a link show, guest shows, topic shows, or event shows. If you’re into business, tech, or design I believe this podcast will guide you, even if you’re not PM.